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The P.E.S. Power Box

The most critical component for your success in Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES) is the P.E.S. Power Box. A two channel power source that allows for the adjustment of the intensity, frequency, & pulse of the electrical impulses delivered to your Electrodes, it is very easy to use with very little practice. In order to use the Power Box, at least one double pole Electrode or two single pole Electrodes are needed in order to have a complete circuit of stimulation.

Basic Instructions for How to Use the P.E.S. Power Box

  1. Connect AC Adapter to the power plug-in or insert a 9v battery.
  2. Turn your Coarse and Fine knobs to 1.
  3. Turn your Frequency and Pulse knobs to 10.
  4. Connect your Low Profile Leads to the Electrodes being used and plug them into your Power Box in either Channel A or B or both.
  5. Slide the Power Switch into the Up/On position.
  6. Slowly increase the Coarse and Fine knobs until you feel a tingling sensation and then push to where it is almost but not quite uncomfortable.
  7. Adjust your Frequency to where it feels best for you.
  8. Adjust the Pulse where you want it to be set.
  9. Slide the Fine Frequency Dial up or down and adjust it to where it feels good to you.
  10. Play with all these settings until you find the combination that works for you.

Note: These are just basic instructions. The P.E.S. Power Box comes with a more detailed instruction booklet that covers everything in more detail.

Tips & Hints

The P.E.S. Power Box has a very special feature due to its design. It allows for very simple 3-Electrode Configurations because Channel A and Channel B are not isolated from each other. They share what we call a common ground and so when a complete circuit is created on Channel A (or B, if desired), an incomplete circuit can be used on Channel B with one single pole Electrode, allowing for some very interesting sensation play and also increasing the chances for successful 'hands-free orgasm'. 

Anatomy of The P.E.S. Power Box

  • On/Off: This switch turns the Power Box on and off. The switch should be in the off position before inserting, applying, or removing electrodes.
  • Coarse Power Adjustment: This is the primary power adjustment. This knob and the Fine Power Knob should be on 1 when the box is turned on, and then increased as needed. (In some configurations this knob may increase to 9 or 10 before the sensations are felt.)
  • Fine Power Adjustment: This is the fine tune adjustment for the Coarse Power Adjustment. It will increase the power at a slower rate.
  • Pulse Adjustment: This control knob adjusts the pulsations of the current and should be set at 10 before turning on the power. It produces a steady pulse when set at 10 and a very slow pulse when set on 1.
  • Coarse Frequency Adjustment: This control adjusts the frequency of the current and should be set at 10 when the box is initially turned on. It produces a sharper or softer feel of the current and is a very important feature in achieving a hands free ejaculation.
  • Fine Frequency Adjustment: This control is a "thumb wheel" found on the right hand side of the P.E.S. Power Box and is a critical part of the frequency adjustment.
  • LED Indicators: These indicator lights will illuminate when the power is on and will flash intermittently to the rate of the pulse.
  • Channel A & B Lead Inputs: These inputs are found at the top of the P.E.S. Power Box and is the location where the Low Profile Leads plug into the box.
  • Channel A & B Power Interrupts: These two red push buttons found on the front of the P.E.S. Power Box interrupt the power sent to the electrodes when depressed and return the current flow when released.

Important Information & Cautions

A/C Adapter & Overseas Use: The P.E.S. Power Box is manufactured to operate on standardized US electrical current. The P.E.S. Power Box can be powered with a 9 volt battery but the provided A/C Adapter gives greater and more consistent power. The current provided P.E.S. A/C Adapter is designed to be compatible with both US and overseas electrical current. For this adapter, an overseas customer would only need to purchase the correct blade adapter for the power outlets in their country, except in countries that use the EU blades.

For overseas customers to operate the P.E.S. Power Box properly and they do not have the current provided A/C Adapter, an A/C converter must be used to step down the voltage and current to a 12 volt DC 1500mAmp output. The adapter (plug) must be center pole positive on the inlet of the adapter jack of the P.E.S. Power Box. Please use the appropriate adapter for your country. P.E.S. is not responsible for the misuse of the adapter and voltage guidelines set forth in this notice. In the event these guidelines are violated, all warranties on the P.E.S. Power Box will be null and void.